“Majestic Beast Under Attack: Hippo Endures Painful Lion Bites and Land Rover Strikes”


This is the incredible moment when the proud lion, determined to take down a giant hippo, in turn decides to bite into a Land Rover.

This amazing sight was filmed by Dean Grant in Kruger National Park.

“We saw the attack quite early in the morning. We drove into the park from Mjejane as soon as the gates opened. We decided to head west along the river to begin our journey. Our eyes are all peeling, we’re feeling fresh and excited as we search the bushes in anticipation, not knowing what our first big point of the day will be.

“It’s horrifying to think about how much pain and stress the hippo must have endured and see with its own eyes that he realizes his impending death.

Seeing the initial lions, full of energy, sparked excitement. What followed was grief for the poor old hippo who had little chance against the lion’s pride.

“However, as this is a life event that unfolds in its own right, I feel respect for the pride lions’ hard work and determination to make their next big kill to nurture. pride. A sense of uncertainty also arises as the hippo moves towards the river, “Can the hippo make a great escape and fall into the river by itself?”. It was a moment that I will always feel honored to watch this scene relax.=


“The scene ended when the hippo plunged into a roadside ditch out of sight. The lions now took turns attacking the hippo and piercing its hard skin while the others lay up the hill in the shade panting and taking a nap.

Knowing that the hippo’s chance was over, they were no longer in a hurry. We watched the exhausted lions for a while before the drive felt very special. We returned later that afternoon to find the lions had passed out and were very full after their well-deserved meal.”


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