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‘Not getting out’: Moment snake pops out of car’s bonnet on highway


An Australian driver found her car had become a haven for an unwanted hitchhiker, when a snake popped out of the bonnet of her car on a major highway.
Kerry Jenkins was driving with her partner and child when the snake started to slither over the hood of the car.
A now viral video, originally shared to TikTok, reveals the pair’s reaction to the encounter.

After a short and sharp swear word, Jenkins identified the animal as a green tree snake, a species harmless to humans.
“Babe you need to pull over,” she said, as the animal struggled to find purchase on the car.
Her partner was less sure of the identification and refused.


“It’s so f******ng scary,” he said.
“I’m not getting out.
“Do they bite?”.
Eventually the car slowed to turn off the highway and the snake disappeared from view.
“I don’t think it came out. It wasn’t on the road,” Jenkins said hopefully.

The video has attracted many comments on social media.
One user wrote: “I’d have definitely pulled over. There’s an emergency slip at roadside”.
While another said, “this is literally my worst nightmare”.
Green tree snakes can reach 1.8 metres in length and can be found throughout the northern tropics and eastern Australia.


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