“The Lion King’s Test: Pregnant Zebra’s Harrowing Struggle in 30 Seconds”


In the wild, there is no shortage of bloody dramatic killings but also spectacular deceptions. In the photo is a cunning male lion, pretending to be friendly with zebras to easily hunt.

It walked leisurely over to the zebra and drank with it, with absolutely no intention of chasing or hunting the zebra.

When the zebra completely trusts the male lion, leisurely eating grass in the lion’s sight, then the lion shows a sinister, bloodthirsty face.

When the zebra was caught off guard, the male lion rushed at the fastest speed to pounce on the poor prey.

The gullible zebra to the last minute still couldn’t believe that the male lion could turn around and kill him ruthlessly.

Because of the surprise attack, the zebra was unable to perform its forte kick, it was quickly knocked down by the male lion.


After the zebra fell, the male lion quickly bit the innocent prey’s throat, cutting off the zebra’s lifeline as quickly as possible.

Only when the zebra was no longer struggling did the male lion relax his body and stand up.

It carried the zebra carcass to the bushes, where it was safe, away from the prying eyes of other predators.

Just because of gullibility, the zebra died tragically under the claws of the lion. It had not yet learned the lesson that it had to pay for its mistake with its life.


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