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A battle of three when the lizard is doing its best to distract from the lion and snake attack


2 lions bump into a snake on the road and treat it cautiously. A lizard appears out of nowhere, distracting the lions from the retreating snake.

Daniel Anthony a nature guide, working in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve at Chitwa Chitwa Lodge. Shared the sighting with

“As we came around a bend, to my surprise, a pride of lions appeared right in front of us and we had one of the best ‘walk-byes’ I have ever experienced. We had watched the whole pride walk past us, but something then distracted 2 sub-adult lions.”

Lions are a common sight in game reserves around southern Africa. That, however, does not mean it is something to take for granted. As Daniel explains every sighting of a big cat is different from the next. This particular sighting turned out to be a little more than just special.

“A cobra emerged into the road and squared up to the lions. Initially, we didn’t realize that the cobra had been hunting a lizard who was hidden from view in the shrub on the roadside. The cobra, a formidable opponent, had to make a choice, sacrifice a meal or possibly become a meal.”


“The snake chose the former option and darted into the safety of the bush. The lizard, having just had a brush with death, remained in the road as if it were challenging the mighty Kings of the Jungle.”

“Faced with this bravado the lions treated this brave creature with what seemed like awe and respect. When in reality one swipe of a paw would have been the end of the little fellow. Thankfully discretion prevailed again and the lizard slipped gracefully away into the safety of the bush.”

“In the end, all three species walked away unharmed. The lizard definitely the luckiest of them all.”

Enjoy every moment whilst on safari. Be present with nature and expect nothing extraordinary. Enjoy the sounds of the bush, the birds, and the insects. Enjoy nature as it presents itself, knowing that around every corner there might just be something special. This is when the magic happens.


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