“Hyena Pack’s Undoing: Hippopotamus’ Venomous Strike Turns the Tide”


As the hyena was gliding along the riverbank, it suddenly spotted a hippo swimming towards it. The hyena immediately stopped and stood still, ready for battle. Hippo is a giant animal, weighing nearly 2 tons, with thick skin and short but very sharp horns. Hippo is immersed in cool water.

And the hungry hyenas are waiting for the opportunity to attack the hippo. The hyena runs around the hippo, approaching and demanding a hit. The heavy hippo didn’t want to fight and ran away, but the hyena attacked with lightning speed, dodging and biting the hippo’s leg. The hippo is in pain and turns around, trying to strike back at its prey with its huge jaws.


But the hyenas are very numerous, they take turns biting the hippo’s body causing it pain. Finally, after a while of fighting, the hyenas defeated the giant hippo. They just kept biting the hippo’s body bit by bit. The painful hippo could only scream in vain without resisting or running away.


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