A False Sense of Power: The Lion’s Unaware Encounter with a Ferocious Prey While Riding a Wild Buffalo


Lions often hunt in packs, their targets are usually gentle and large animals. but not all prey succumb to them
A stray male buffalo was unfortunately surrounded by a herd of lions. It fought fiercely to find a chance to live for itself.

A rather large male buffalo is attacked by 3 lions
It seemed that the buffalo could not walk anymore, but it used all its strength to knock the lions flying.

The lion refused to give up this delicious meal and bared his sharp claws at the buffalo.
The buffalo, helpless before that attack, let out a pitiful cry, thanks to which a buffalo ran up from the herd.


Two male buffaloes tried to use their sharp horns to point at the bloodthirsty lions to scare them away, but the lion was too strong so the other buffalo had to protect its life and give up.

In the end, only the male buffalo remained.
it ignores the wounds and rushes to attack for its life.
but unfortunately, it still lies down and becomes the lion’s breakfast


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