“Epic Predator Chase: Jackals’ Unbelievable Pursuit as They Leap High to Hunt Marabou Stork”


This is the intense moment a jackal hunts a marabou stork after swimming close to it – check out these stunning photos! All of this, even if it disappeared when the jackal tried to kill it on land!

Wildlife enthusiast Christa Coetzee and a friend saw a jackal going in search of a marabou stork, but then it was lost in the hunt. This absolutely incredible sight happened in the Pilanesberg Private Game Reserve. Christa told us the story:

“We were making our way to a waterhole near Bakubung, as there is usually a lot of activity. We saw a black-backed jackal among the marabou storks and some other animals. Jackals appear to be interested in certain birds. ”


However, the birds are not small and easy to kill – no this jackal is a brave and powerful hunter. He went looking for a marabou stork!

“This is a total thrill for me as I have never witnessed a murder in the wild!”

“In the end, we lost track of the jackal with its prize when tall grass obscured our view. One really has to be patient when observing animals. It can happen at any time.”



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