The Hyena’s Eye-Shutting Voyage: Buffalo’s Forceful Horns Propel it on an Unforgettable Aerial Trek


A sinister hyena with full of intentions is hunting in a large grassland. It suddenly discovered a pair of buffalo mother and daughter. The hyena noticed the baby buffalo. It quickly approached to probe the status of its prey. The little buffalo always walks close to the mother buffalo to be protected. When she saw the hyena, the mother buffalo realized the danger.

It is always in a defensive position to attack the hyena at any time. The hyena quickly attacked, it bit into the body of the young buffalo and then pulled it to separate from the mother buffalo. Immediately, the mother buffalo used her horns to butcher and chase the hyena away. After a while, a whole herd of hyenas arrived and surrounded both the mother buffalo and the young buffalo.


They constantly attack to separate the baby buffalo from its mother. The mother buffalo constantly attacks to drive the hyenas away from the young buffalo. The young buffalo is also very resilient and tries not to be dragged away by the hyenas. Finally, the mother buffalo and the baby buffalo were lucky to escape from the hyenas and be safe. But the baby buffalo was injured, which would be a great danger when encountering other carnivores.


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