The battle for the throne two male lions fight for dominance in a bloody battle


In the wild, the timeless rule of dominance is more prevalent than ever. The second-biggest cat in the world and the largest in Africa is a lion. They are also the only fully social cats who live in prides.

Females in a pride are typically ᴄlose and frequently stick with the same pride for the entirety of their life. However, around the age of three, males are expelled from the pride. At this time, they commonly move around or coexist with other guys, usually their brothers.


What you’re going to witness is analogous to two men squabbling over a desirable female in a bar, with the exception that the lions are a little more unhinged. It’s characteristic of lion behavior for a pride to fight for dominance.

A male lion’s gorgeous, thick mane serves as a status symbol and guards its neck during battle. The present male or coalition of men will battle if another male tries to take over the pride. The new, successful males usually kill any cubs that are still reliant on their mothers if they are successful.

We see the lionesses in the area run at each other and scramble away to safety. Any surrounding lions may sustain dammage during these conflicts. These huge cats fight viciously with their menacing mouths gaping.


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