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“Narrow Escape: Gecko’s Lucky Break as Friend Intervenes Against Green Snake”


In the wild world full of dangers, small animals always need strength from their fellows. Although the probability of victory for small animals is not high, there are a few special cases.

A special video has been recorded and shared by many people about the friendship of animals, an unexpected rescue surprised everyone when a gecko was rescued from the belly of a snake. .

The clip begins when a snake is trying to swallow something and next to it are 2 geckos. We have to look closely to recognize the remaining tail of the ill-fated gecko.

2 other geckos boldly approached and attacked the snake. It bit hard on the back of the snake in a last effort to save its friend from death.


The snake gradually could not swallow the prey and had to release the prey. Thanks to a part of human impact, the prey in the snake’s belly is gradually revealed.

A red and black gecko is shown on the tree trunk. The gecko seems to be starved of oxygen and miraculously survives.

Thanks to the strength of its fellow humans, the gecko overcame death and came out of the snake’s belly.


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