The Ultimate Showdown: Wildebeest’s Epic Confrontation with Lion for a Chance at Life


In this video we bring you an interesting thing that is the fight between a lion and a wildebeest, this encounter takes place in a shallow stream.

Being in the water is not the lion’s advantage, so it is very difficult to take down the prey. The antelope takes advantage of the terrain to prevail over the lion, it can use all its weight to pull the lion out into the deep water.

With the tall body of the wildebeest, it is a very good advantage against deep water, which can drown predators in the water. Because of that, the lion had to give up this hunt, it was pulled by the antelope far from the shore, causing it to choke many times and unable to bite the prey.


So the hunt this time the lion has failed, it can only stand looking at the prey right in front of their eyes but can’t do anything.


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