Desperate Defense: Buffalo’s Incredible Counterattack on 20 Lions


While resting on a large field, the lions suddenly discovered a stray wild buffalo. Immediately after, they immediately organized an attack on their prey.

Surrounded by 20 lions, the buffalo immediately ran away to find a way to live. However, this intention was quickly extinguished because of the large number of lions.

After catching the buffalo, the hungry lions rushed to bite. One of the herd even jumped on the back to control the prey to prevent it from having a chance to escape. Although unable to run, the buffalo still used its horns to knock a lioness into the air.


Finally, after a while of resistance to fight for life, the wild buffalo was still defeated by the lions and eaten on the spot.

Lions kill and eat buffalo regularly. In some areas, the African buffalo is the main prey of lions. Usually, it takes many lions to work together to knock down an adult buffalo, so lions often go in large herds when hunting them. However, in some cases, adult male lions hunting alone can still successfully knock down a large buffalo.


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