The Mighty Buffaloes’ Last Stand: Conquering Lions against All Expectations


Buffalo possesses all the elements to be able to defeat lions: large size, strong body and sharp horns on the head. All of these help the buffalo to become strong and fearsome before the battles with the lions.

Lions often choose to hunt buffalo because buffalo meat is rich in nutrients and buffalo is a big meal for the whole herd, so buffalo always have to face the lions.

But watch how the buffalo survived and fought bravely against the lion. Buffalo often runs away when it encounters a lion, but when there is no way to run, it will fight to the death to survive.


An adult buffalo can fight with 3-5 lions at the same time and can survive, the butts of buffalo bring pain and sometimes death to the lion.

The video below is the best moment of the wild buffalo showing off its amazing skills to survive in the wild.


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