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“When Chimpanzees Get Creative: Raccoons Become Their Game of Choice”


Chimpanzees are known for their dangerous pranks and mischief, and a raccoon finds in a dire situation when he confronts chimps in a frenzy.

A video posted on Youtube over 8 minutes long captures the image of a pitiful raccoon being teased and attacked by chimpanzees.

The video was posted last year and has already racked up 6.4m views on the YouTube channel and received countless comments. All of them were amazed to see such a terrifying scene.

There were many people who witnessed the incident firsthand but were unable to rescue the raccoon from the situation.


Raccoon strayed into chimpanzee territory and was teased, Chimpanzee used his hand to hit the raccoon’s head and then threw the raccoon away, throwing it from above.

All actions of chimpanzees are like there is a human-to-human brawl. It is scary, surely those who witnessed this video firsthand will find it scary and that fear will follow them for a long time.


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