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Battling Inexperience: Bengal Tiger’s Challenging Quest to Overcome a Resilient Wild Boar


In the wild, wild boar is the preferred prey of some large carnivores such as tigers, leopards or lions. However, this is not an easy prey to catch. With sharp and long fangs and strength equal to that of an adult cow, wild boar is capable of inflicting severe wounds on predators. Therefore, they must be very careful when hunting.

In the video, after eating, the wild boars quickly reach for water to quench their thirst, but one animal has fallen behind.

a wild boar this big is an extremely difficult prey. It has enough health and weapons to fend off predators.

But this time the pig didn’t look closely, it caught the eye of a tiger in a puddle left over from the dry season.


Due to lack of experience, the tiger attacked quite clumsy and not technically correct. This caused it to take 30 minutes to control the wild boar.

But anyway, the tiger won when it exhausted the wild boar. If it has enough experience, it only needs to bite the throat of its prey and end the fight quickly.

Anyway, this is also the first lesson of life and it is enough to prove the strength of the tiger.


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