Heart in the Right Place: Man’s Daring Pursuit of Lion to Protect Cow Leaves Onlookers in Disbelief


The incident happened on June 29, in Gir Somnath, Gujarat state, India.

In the clip, a lion is attacking a cow in the middle of the road. The lion uses sharp teeth to bite the throat of its prey.

The bull is seen trying desperately to get out of the lioness’s grip but to no avail. The fight was extremely intense. The two animals then moved towards the side of the road.

Witnessing the incident, the owner of the cow approached the lion and raised his hand to scare away the ferocious animal. Seeing that the big cat refused to leave the cow, the man immediately picked up a brick by the roadside and quickly returned to the cow. At this time, the lion quickly let go of the cow and ran away.

The clip was recorded by a passing car driver. The brave man was identified as Kiritsinh Chauhan.

Like other feline species, lions are superb predators and key predators thanks to their abundant prey populations. Their main prey is mammals, especially medium to large ungulates, including plains zebra, blue wildebeest, wild buffalo, and Gemsbok antelope. , giraffes, adult hippos, and even sub-adult African bush elephants.

Lions are characterized as opportunistic predators, possessing stealthy steps that follow their prey. They will pounce on the animal closest to them. The fastest way to kill prey that African lions often use is to attack the respiratory system of the prey, bite or tear the throat.

When hunting alone, they kill their prey by biting the neck to break the neck or damage the circulatory system. When hunting in groups, lions can grip large prey while others bite the neck or suffocate prey by locking the victim’s muzzle, preventing it from breathing.

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