“The Price of Hubris: Lion’s Solo Encounter with an Elephant Leads to a Tragic End”


Lions are always the pride of the wild and are at the top of the food chain here. It can turn everything it sees into food and an elephant is no exception.

Can a lion take down a huge elephant and turn them into a delicious meal?

The attack took place at the KRUGER wildlife reserve. A lion is trying to attack and kill a huge elephant.

The lion was initially seen jumping on the back of an elephant and starting to attack. The elephant appeared to be in quite pain and showed signs of exhaustion. The lion then continued to attack the head of the elephant.

The huge elephant was injured and was trying to knock the lion off of him. The lion is still trying to be able to end the fight as soon as possible.


After an unwary situation of the lion, the elephant was able to knock the lion out of his body and began to attack again. The lion then became afraid and ran away, it also forgot the elephant meat meal it had always dreamed of.

Some comments from the audience:
“A lion must remember, an elephant never forgets.

Even a baby elephant is too much for any single lion. Elephants never forget, when it grows up it’s gonna try to wreck every lion it sees.

That’s just a teenager elephant… If it was an adult… R.I.P Lioness…”



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