“The Circle of Life’s Cruelty: Witness the Vicious Feeding of a Giant Crocodile on a 2-Month-Old Zebra”


According to the photo, a herd of zebras are trying to cross a river in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, southwestern Kenya during the annual large migration.
But one unlucky zebra encountered a “monster” – two hungry crocodiles stalking and tracking the zebra from the water.

The horse tried its best to run away but couldn’t resist the crocodile’s speed and strength. They opened their mouths wide, biting into every part of the zebra.

These pictures were taken by Ingo Gerlach, 64, during a visit to Africa to see the great migration of zebras and wild animals.


Every year, two million zebras migrate through this area. Their journey creates opportunities for aquatic predators such as crocodiles.

In April, a video of three crocodiles taking down a zebra was also recorded at the reserve. Video shows the poor zebra being submerged in the water seconds after being surrounded by crocodiles.



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