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“A Glimpse into Nature’s Cruelty: The Horrific Slaughter of a Baby Gazelle by a Vicious Wild Boar”


A wild boar has committed a huge crime against a newborn gazelle and its mother. Newborn gazelle cuddles and treats it like a mother, but the wild boar behaves in a very unexpected way.

A rather long video telling the above sad story was posted on Youtube. The video has taken away a lot of tears from viewers and garnered more than 2m views and more than 3k mournful comments.

A newborn gazelle being cared for by its family, it’s a joy to witness this scene.

But that brief happiness was soon extinguished when a large wild boar appeared. The newborn gazelle could not yet get up and run away from the wild boar.


Gazelle mother also stood close by to protect her baby and trust that nothing happened. Newborn gazelle tries to get up and cuddles with wild boar.

But the wild boar was completely different, it responded with a strong butt at the newborn gazelle and then it went completely crazy when it started eating the gazelle.

It was a very heartbreaking scene and the gazelle mother couldn’t help but witness it.

If only the male gazelle had appeared there, perhaps the outcome would have been different and the gazelle family would have lived happily ever after.


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