“The Pride’s Unfortunate Dive: When the Lion’s Lack of Experience Led to a Watery Grave”


Lions are pack hunters and that task is often left to the females! They learn and become familiar with these skills early on to ensure they can survive in the harsh natural world.

Stages such as approaching the prey to make it easier or waiting patiently for how long before officially killing the lion are learned from the “forebears”.

Of course, being taught is one thing, practice is successful with high efficiency or not is another. However, the lion in the following video seems to have to relearn a lot!

The main character in this video hunts with another member, they split into different attacks, when the time comes, it suddenly rushes up, towards the herd of antelope drinking water. However, right at the most important stage to approach the prey, it… slipped.


Many people believe that the lioness mentioned above lost her delicious meal because she misjudged the situation as well as the hunting space when rushing up. And as a result, everyone knows, it slipped and fell in a shallow puddle and then watched the tall prey run away.


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