“Unyielding Courage: Buffalo’s Heroic Battle to Save Friends from the Tiger’s Claws”


Tigers are always at the top of the food chain because of their great hunting ability and tremendous strength, their prey is always taken from their lives within minutes when the tiger starts to attack.

With a large and strong wild buffalo, with the help of a whole herd of buffalo, will the tiger successfully carry out the hunt. Watch the video below for the answer.

The tiger hid and rushed out to attack the buffalo, the buffaloes started to panic and ran away. A slow buffalo was captured and quickly subdued.


The buffalo quickly calmed down and started organizing the rescue immediately. Just a few minutes late, the buffalo being caught will surely die.

Seeing the buffalo begin to attack, the tiger panicked and gave up its prey. The buffalo was successfully rescued and was still able to live the rest of his life.

The strength of the buffalo is indisputable, when they unite they can defeat all.


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