“Long Legs of Justice: Giraffe’s Fatal Kick Halts the Hyena’s Assault on Her Precious Offspring”


The hyena is one of the formidable predators on the African savannah, with the ability to coordinate well between members of the herd. However, this animal is also very famous for its cunning and wisdom. Dramatic battle for prey between a pack of hyenas and a mother giraffe trying to protect the dead baby.

The touching clip of motherhood, recorded by a tourist during a visit to Africa’s nature, shows a mother giraffe standing next to the corpse of her baby. It is not clear why baby giraffes died, but the carcass of such a large animal is a “gift” to the predators of the savannah. The hungry hyenas rushed in with the intention of tearing the baby giraffe, but were strongly opposed by the mother. Witnessing the scene of the baby’s body being torn apart by the hyenas, the mother giraffe constantly threatened, stamped her feet to drive away the hyenas to protect the baby’s body.

Despite all the efforts of the mother giraffe, the sly hyenas are still able to steal the baby’s carcass to eat. After much effort to protect the baby’s body, the mother giraffe herself seems to accept the fact that her baby is dead, so she walks away, leaving the hyenas to tear the baby’s carcass apart. It’s a pity that the mother deer is still unable to protect the carcass of her cubs from the hungry predators. A sad and touching image. The tourists present there felt sorry for the mother giraffe, but who knows, the wild nature is so harsh.


Thus, the clip about the mother giraffe’s actions after being posted on social networks has touched many netizens. Attracting more than 4.8 million views and 53 comments when witnessing that bloody scene, many people think that it is a natural law of survival that the strong always win over the weak


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