“Onslaught of Death: Killer Leopards Unleash a Relentless and Unavoidable Hunt”


It is great when you can explore the wild world and witness the hunting footage, as well as the hunting skills of leopards.

Leopards are said to be the wildest predators in the world, and they often surprise people with viral footage while hunting.

A leopard ambushed impalas on a tall tree and waited for the arrival of its prey. The impalas gradually appeared and at that time the leopard only needed to choose the best prey to attack.

The leopard made a jump from a height of more than 5m to the ground and quickly caught an impala, the other impalas did not know what happened while they were happily eating grass.


In less than 3 seconds, the poor impala was restrained and received a deadly attack to the neck. The leopard quickly moves its prey to the wilderness to enjoy its meal.

The amazing video is not the first time being recorded, leopards are always the main characters in the viral footage and the impala has always been the leopard’s favorite pitiful prey.


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