“The Power of Resourcefulness: Man’s Incredible Standoff with Rampaging Leopard Using Binoculars in Indian School”


This is the dramatic moment a wildlife expert was forced to fight for his life and used a pair of binoculars to defend himself after a large male leopard went on a rampage in a school in India.

Wildlife expert Sanjay Gubbi was one of six people who was mauled by the leopard as he attempted to capture the rogue animal during its ten-hour rampage.

The shocking incident took place in the Vibgyor International school in Kundalahalli in the Indian city of Bangalore, according to the News Minute.

The leopard was eventually tranquilised, 10 hours after the big cat rampaged through the school, attacking several people including a scientist and a forestry employee.

Photos have emerged of the moment Mr Gubbi grappled with the leopard, desperately attempting to wrestle the big cat, close to the school’s swimming pool.

He can be seen struggling as the beautiful leopard overpowers him and sinks its claws and teeth into the side of his arm and shoulder.

CCTV footage shows the early moments when the leopard, believed to be an eight-year-old male, walked onto the school’s premises early yesterday morning.

Witnesses described how the leopard seemed to panic as it ran through the school, jumping on anyone who got in the way.


Several other people injured by the leopard have now been named including forest department employee Benny Maurius.

Local reports described how Mr Gubbi, a wildlife expert, tried to evade the leopard by climbing up a wall but was pulled down by the leopard.

He only survived after he used a pair of binoculars to beat back the big cat and prevent further injury.

It is also thought that a television channel cameraman and presenter were also caught up in the incident and injured.

The leopard was eventually captured after it was cornered and tranquilised by several veterinary staff.

‘It was a long struggle to capture the leopard. Although it was injected with tranquilisers it could be captured only around 20.15 local time when the medication took full effect,’ said senior police official S Boralingaiah.

India has a considerable leopard population, according to a recent wildlife census, which estimates it currently stands at 12,000 to 14,000 leopards.


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