The Dance with Death: Boldly Confronting the Lion King’s Antelope, a Gruesome Tale of Brutality


In Africa this place is a famous battlefield. Lions have been gladiators fighting here for thousands of centuries. Dubbed the lord of all species, aggressive predators, thanks to their intelligence and bravery, are always an obsession for all herbivores. But sometimes, lions also confront unpredictable prey that is wildebeest.

A video recorded in Africa shows a wildebeest being controlled by a lion and appears to be lying in wait for death. The gazelle has strayed into the forbidden territory where the predator is patrolling and has had a dramatic scene like in the video. The lion does not spare its prey, it is even more ruthless, using its sharp teeth and claws to brutally bite the prey. When everyone thought about a tragic end for the ill-fated prey, suddenly it rose strongly, making the lion extremely hard to hold. With a strong will, wildebeest showed that they are not easy prey, when they tried to fight fiercely, tossing the lion.


Knowing that she could not run away, the wildebeest rushed forward. Antelopes use large strong horns towards the hunter. The prey is no longer afraid of the attack from the lion, it rushes to aggressively knock the hunter to the ground. The situation reversed, the lion seemed scared and ran away for his life. Although they are herbivores and gentle, shy, but wildebeest are very strong and can make lions hate when they intend to attack. Thanks to the wildebeest’s horns, it can attack to defend itself, instead of running away like other herbivores.

Thus, the fierce battle took place when the wildebeest had a screen to turn the situation around, causing the opponent to rush to run away. The video, which has attracted more than 12 million views, captures a dramatic moment that surprised viewers at the antelope’s actions before the moment of life and death.


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