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“Venomous Feasts: The Honey Badger’s Audacious Gastronomic Adventures”


In the Kalahari desert in southern Africa, there is a person who specializes in eating all kinds of poisonous snakes, they do not mind attacking cobras, vipers … to make a hearty meal for themselves.

Honey badgers can neutralize the venom of snakes, and the snakes become the honey badger’s favorite prey.

The honey badger is known as the “m.a.d man” of nature. Honey badgers have thick skin, are resistant to poison and teeth that bite everything, they can hunt snakes, even fight lions if provoked.

A great video of a honey badger vs snake fight has been posted on Youtube and it’s a great fight, you will probably regret if you haven’t seen this video.


The honey badger in a frenzy of hunger ventured to attack a snake and defy any danger. The honey badger detects its prey and rushes fearlessly. It kept attacking the snake and was bitten many times.

The snake, after many attacks and failures, ran away. The honey badger chased and kept attacking continuously and got the victory.

A very cool and reckless battle of the honey badger. It is said to be the most adventurous animal in the world with extremely fierce hunts with many heavyweights such as lions, pythons or even crocodiles.



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