“Roaring Success: Buffalo Soldiers’ Heroic Battle Against the Lion Threat”


Dramatic footage shows the moment a herd of buffalo charged to the rescue of a stricken bull after it came under attack from a pride of lions.

Several of the buffalo ran at the lions and one of the big cats was thrown into the air on their horns.

The footage was captured by tour guide Jonty Bozas on August 22 as he was leading a group of tourists through the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa.

Herd answer buffalo’s distress call and charge at pride of lions

A pride of lions attacked a buffalo which was detached from its herd on the MalaMala game reserve in South Africa

A second buffalo charges the lions, knocking one of the predators flying with its horns

Tour guide Jonty Bozas said: ‘When they heard their fellow buffalo bellowing for help they came to the rescue’

The lions targeted a single vicᴛι̇ɱ, trying to bring down the large animal by jumping on its back while biting its feet and flanks.

It appeared that the struggling buffalo was going to fall vicᴛι̇ɱ to the adult lions until another of the herd, after hearing its distressed calls, charged in.

It smashed one of the big cats with its horns, sending it flying.


The violent reaction of the buffalo herd forced the lions into retreat.

Mr Bozas, from Hoedspruit, Limpopo Province, said: ‘The rest of the herd came to the aid of the buffalo.

‘The bulk of the herd had moved off by the ᴛι̇ɱe the lions ɱaпaged to single out a buffalo bull but when they heard their fellow buffalo bellowing for help they came to the rescue.

‘The lions were not impressed by being chased off and tried to regroup and rally together to get another buffalo down.

We had spotted the herd of buffalo the evening before, and had seen the lions trailing them.

‘We decided to go out on morning safari super early the following morning and luckily we did as it took us a while to find the herd and lions again.

At one stage it appeared the buffalo was doomed because of the number of lions attacking it

When the rest of the buffalo herd charges in the lions are forced to retreat to safety


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