The Last Stand: Buffalo’s Brave Resistance Against Overwhelming Numbers of Nile Crocodiles to Stay Alive!


Buffaloes are animals that are very dependent on water. They can even travel hundreds of kilometers with their flocks to find the right water source. On average, a buffalo needs to drink water at least twice a day.

The clip was filmed in Lowveld National Park (South Africa). In the video, a Nile crocodile can be seen taking its chance to attack an adult buffalo while it is drinking water.

The buffalo roared in pain when the crocodile bit him in the snout. However, due to not being dragged into the deep water, the buffalo still managed to escape.

The next dramatic seconds is a life-and-death battle between a buffalo trying to escape and the other side is a crocodile using its teeth to cling to its prey with all its flesh.

With his strength, the wild buffalo surprised when he was able to pull the crocodile tape ashore in a tightly grasped position. Meanwhile, the crocodile, although also quite large in size, but that is not enough for it to defeat an adult buffalo.


When the buffalo pulled the crocodile back to its herd, the crocodile accepted defeat because it was too far from the safe water. It loosened its jaws to free the buffalo, then quickly retreated towards the lagoon.

According to wildlife experts, a scene like the one in the video is unusual, as crocodiles rarely take risks just to injure and expend energy on an animal as large as a buffalo.

Instead, things could be easier if the crocodile’s target was an antelope, or one of the smaller animals as they ventured closer to the water to quench their thirst.


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