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“The Monkey King’s Quest for Justice: Defeating the Crocodile’s Tyranny”


Baboons will always try to protect their fellow humans at any cost. There have been many animals defeated by the unity of baboons such as leopards, hyenas and now crocodiles.

A crocodile is trying to capture a baboon and drown the poor monkey in a small waterhole. Crocodile commits an evil act and other baboons are trying everything to stop it.

The crocodile was quite small and did not have enough strength to finish the monkey, the monkey, with the encouragement of the whole group, tried to get close to the shore.

The other monkeys are afraid of things lurking in the water, so they don’t dare to act. As soon as the monkey approached the shore, the other monkeys started to move.


The baboon called the other monkeys to join the fight and pulled the poor monkey out of the water. Then an attack aimed at the crocodile.

The crocodile lost its prey and had to run away soon after. The wonderful video brings a lot of emotions to the audience and shows the love of the baboons for their fellow human beings.


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