“Forging a New Path: Buffalo’s Teachings Inspire Lions to Seek Redemption”


Buffaloes are quite gentle animals and they become aggressive when provoked or aggressive in an organized manner. Buffaloes often have the leader of the herd and it is a tragedy for the lion to hunt down an angry herd of buffalo.

The lion’s painful blunder and the hefty price to pay. The lion and his cubs were hunting buffalo and suddenly met a rather ferocious herd of buffalo.

The buffalo leader organizes a siege of the lion family and begins to attack. The cubs tried to hide in the bushes but were quickly discovered.


Surrounded by a rocky slope, the cubs were very difficult to move, the mother lion tried to rush out to stop the angry buffaloes.

But fighting an angry herd of buffalo is too much for the mother lion. The cubs quickly received a beating and one died after being trampled many times.

A painful mistake of the lion and its cubs lost their lives. The moment of angry buffalo herd is rare in the wild world.



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