Unveiling Nature’s Clash: Hyenas Lock Horns with Hippos in a Battle of Strength


Hippos are large animals with a wide mouth and thick skin that can be 3-5cm. That’s why they are often very calm before predators, when the hippo is angry, the life of the hunters is over.

The hyenas are hard to beat but a hippopotamus is sick increasing the chances of the hyena’s success and the hyena decided to give it a try.

The hippopotamus lay beside the small stream and ignored the hyena attack. The hyenas in the back actively attack and it is difficult to break the hippo’s skin.


The hyena tries to attack and waits for the wounds to be made worse by the bacteria.

As the hippopotamus grows weaker and weaker, the chances of the hyenas are greater and then they will have a huge meal.


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