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The price to pay for pythons when they dare to attack the newborn monkeys of the aggressive monkeys


A large python caught and strangled a monkey as dozens of the small primates darted around the snake in what appears to be a futile effort to save their friend.

The python is said to have been ambushed in a grassy area and waiting for an opportunity to attack, it caught one of the large monkeys. It began to squeeze its body to finish off the poor monkey.

But a cry of pain called out to other monkeys to come close and kept screaming, the monkeys surrounded the python in large numbers and thought of how to save the unlucky monkey from the python.


Some monkeys tried to grab the python’s tail to pull it away from the scene, the python performed two tasks at the same time, attacking other monkeys and finishing the monkey being captured.

The fight was fierce and the monkeys unanimously shouted to put pressure on the python. But finally a tourist came and rescued the unlucky monkey before it stopped breathing.


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