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Epic Predatory Encounter: Monitor Lizard Overpowers and Consumes Snake in House Garden


During the lunch break, the homeowner heard a strange noise in the garden. When he went out to check, he discovered a lizard eating a giant snake. The snake was attacked by the iguana to the point of being injured and unable to escape.

Realizing that she had been discovered by a human, the monitor lizard paused in trying to swallow the snake and raised its head to listen. After a while, it dragged the water snake into the bushes and continued its meal.


The iguana is a large reptile. The whole body is covered with scales. They have long necks, strong tails and legs, and well-developed limbs.

The external appearance looks like a gecko (lizard) but is larger and longer, can be up to 2.5 – 3m long, weighs about


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