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Wicked eagle madly tore the mother monkey’s body in front of the baby monkey crying in despair


Eagles are considered the most powerful of the birds of prey in the world, they hunt monkeys throughout the branches of the jungle canopy.

A ferocious eagle spotted a group of monkeys playing on a tree trunk. It patiently waits for the opportunity to hunt.

The eagle’s eyes and face showed ferocity. It eagerly waits to hunt its prey. The poor monkey was completely subdued by the extremely sharp and strong claws of the eagle.

The eagle caught a baby monkey while playing in the tree. This poor monkey hiding in the tree can’t escape the eagle’s eye.

The mighty eagle grabs its prey with its talons and soars high. The baby monkey tried to struggle but could not overcome the strength of the eagle.


It then carried the monkey to a safe place and began tearing the carcass apart, killing the poor animal. The unfortunate monkey did not survive and became food for the mother and the eagle.

Witnessing this video, many people couldn’t help but feel pain for the poor monkey. Despite knowing that the wild nature is extremely harsh, many people still can’t hold back their tears when witnessing this scene.


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