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“Wilderness Showdown: Monkey’s Desperate Struggle to Outsmart a Vicious Crocodile”


Monkeys are intelligent animals and live in groups, they always fight to protect each member of the herd. A fierce fight between crocodiles and monkeys has been recorded and is shocking.

Crocodiles and monkeys are competing for a hole left over in the dry season, the crocodile is waiting for the monkeys to come and eat them. A monkey is quickly captured and the whole herd of monkeys get into action.

The whole herd of monkeys screams and takes great action to rescue, the poor monkey has a broken arm and is trying to run away. Thanks to the help of other monkeys, it was lucky to escape with a painful wound.


The fight continued when a crocodile climbed ashore and caught a baby monkey. This time the mother monkey was very angry and rushed towards the crocodile with the desire to take back its baby.

But the baby monkey died and what the mother monkey got back was just a corpse. The mother monkey sadly left to the regrets of the other monkeys.

Although the fight with the crocodile was quite successful, the loss was too great.


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