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Brown snake that got its head stuck in a Coke can is freed by a reptile rescuer who issues a warning about throwing rubbish out of car windows


A snake removalist rescued an agitated brown snake from a Coke can after a passerby used a ‘pooper scooper’ to stop it from crossing a busy highway.

Tiffany O’Regan was driving through Canberra last week when she noticed the snake on the side of a highway with a Coke can on its head.

Ms O’Regan then called ACT Snake Removals specialist Gavin Smith to save the wounded reptile.

Mr Smith shared on his Facebook page how Ms O’Regan not only waited for the snake to be rescued but also prevented it from blindly crossing the highway with a ‘pooper scooper’.

‘Tiffany — bless her soul — stayed with the snake until I got there,’ Mr Smith wrote.

‘What an effort, Tiffany! Thank you so much for saving the snake from certain death and giving it a second chance, you are a true wildlife warrior!

‘I’m sure that she has restored the snake’s faith in humanity!’

Mr Smith also shared a video of him removing the can from around the snake’s head.

The aluminum can had cut a ring through the snake’s neck scales, however once it was freed it seemed unfazed by the injury.


Several people in the comments applauded Ms O’Regan and Mr Smith for their combined reptile rescue and commented on the effects of littering.

‘It’s heartwarming to know that Tiffany went to great lengths to save an animal. Many wouldn’t have bothered even for a cute little furry animal, never mind a snake. Bravo,’ one person wrote.

‘Poor fella, so preventable if people would just do the right thing!,’ another said.

How hard is it for us to clean up after ourselves? Take it home or find a bin! To many people are careless and lazy these days!,’ another said.

Mr Smith agreed, hoping the snake’s predicament would ‘inspire change’.

‘Put your rubbish in the bin. Lets minimise our footprint. We need to look after our precious environment and fauna better,’ he posted.

Mr Smith is an Associate Professor of Social Science at Australian National University and has been tracking Eastern brown snakes since 2021.


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