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The terrifying purge between the two members of the four great venoms of India


Although the Russell viper is also an extremely poisonous and dangerous snake, before the power of the cobra, all of that is seen as a farce.

Predator is the common name for animals that specialize in hunting other species for food. However, there are also species whose prey is their own kind.

Cannibalism is not an uncommon phenomenon in the animal kingdom. According to recorded scientists, there are currently more than 1,500 species of animals with cannibalistic behavior. These cannibals are found both on land and in water. But the typical and often cited example of cannibalism must certainly include snakes.

The image of a snake swallowing a snake is probably not uncommon in nature. Known as the most feared predator on land, snakes can destroy any animal that endangers it, including their own kind.

A 2009 Mexican flat-headed rattlesnake study found that 68% of mothers ate their babies, including those that died before birth. The researchers suggest that this may be the action to help the mother snake regain the nutrients she needs to give birth to more young snakes.

Recently, a clip filmed in Banki town, Odisha state, India will give us a close-up look at cannibals snakes.

India is a country where about 1.2 million people have died from snakebites in the past 20 years (according to the latest research published in the journal eLife).
The population explosion leads to the encroachment of the natural environment, which is the cause of the increasing conflicts between humans and wildlife. In which, there are 4 types of venomous snakes that are notorious and are the main cause of snakebites and deaths in this country.


This group of four-membered snakes is known as the Four Great Venoms including: Indian cobra (Naja naja), Indian krait (Bungarus caeruleus), Russell’s viper (Daboia russelii) and saw-scale viper (Daboia russelii). Echis carinatus).

Not only aggressive towards humans, but the members of the Four Great Venoms are also ready to rush at each other whenever the opportunity arises. In the clip can be seen, an Indian cobra nearly 2m long is rushing to tear a Russell’s viper. Russell’s venomous snake, an animal believed to be the culprit that kills countless people each year in Southeast Asia, has venom containing a poisonous substance that causes blood to clot, destroys the pituitary gland, and extinguishes the sexual desire of the victim. bitten person.

While many other snakes cause the victim to have a clotting disorder, causing internal bleeding, the venomous Russell snake causes the blood to clot, destroying the pituitary gland – the hormone-secreting organ in humans, causing the victim to die. suffering from painful “rejuvenation” syndrome, loss of libido, body hair loss and cognitive disturbances.

The danger is that, but before the destructive power of the cobra, the Russell snake has absolutely no chance to resist. Viewers of the clip can partly feel the terrible fear of the Russell snake when encountering a too strong enemy.

Before the incident, local people had to contact the authorities to handle the situation. Although the snakes were later rescued and returned to the wild, experts believe that the Russell snake will hardly survive because of the cobra’s venom.


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