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Terrified to see a snake coming out of a frog’s stomach in a scary way


Australia is known for housing some of the most dangerous wildlife in terms of snakes and other reptiles. However, a never-seen-before spotting of a snake has left netizens in a tizzy. At other times, snakes are known to eat frogs, but what happens when it goes the other way around?

A photo shared by a lady from Australia shows a snake coming out of a frog’s bum! The serpent was identified as an Eastern Brown Snake and quite how it ended up stuck in a frog’s sphincter was a matter of some debate.

The incident took place at Goondiwindi, a rural town 400km inland from the Gold Coast. The woman spotted a green tree frog in discomfort because it was unable to emit the snake from its body. She decided to step in and help the frog. It is reported that the snake was dead, and the frog ate it. However, his daring act proved a little tough later. The frog was struggling to get the snake out of his anus. The lady who saw it helped the frog relieve the situation.


People were, of course, shocked to see such an instance come to be. Some even called it a nightmare. The snake catchers thought the frog might have been struggling to digest the snake and pooped it out, or guessed that the brown serpent might have slithered the entire way through the frog’s digestive system.
Green tree frogs are very unfussy when it comes to eating and eating whatever that comes their way. Talking about it, one of the professional snake catchers informed although the snake was dead, the carcass could still be poisonous to the frog. These frogs usually eat spiders, crickets, lizards, other frogs and cockroaches and are known to eat small rodents in captivity.

For those wondering what happened to the frog in all of this, it sounds like it actually is quite easy being green as the snake catchers said the little green guy ‘hopped away as if nothing had happened’ once the serpent had been removed.


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