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Wild Monkey Enters Doctor’s Office Seeking Assistance for Her Infant


An strange set of patients showed up at the Indian doctor S.M. Ahmed’s office earlier this week.

It was a mother wild monkey holding her little child, and they seemed to be pleading for assistance.
Ahmed reportedly observed that the monkey outside his clinic had a head wound, and her youngster had a broken leg. Ahmed then gave the monkeys the all-clear to enter.

The monkey sat there serenely holding her infant close to her chest as Ahmed provided care for both of them.

The news source stated that “Dr. Ahmed administered tetanus injection and also spread ointment on the wounds of both the monkeys.”


A swarm of people gathered to watch Ahmed’s odd patients when the mother monkey and her infant were permitted to relax on the clinic’s bed. Despite the commotion, the monkey had picked the ideal location to seek assistance for her infant.

A happy ending was made possible by both the mother’s love for her child and the physician who knew he had to aid when the couple finally felt well enough to leave the clinic on their own.


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