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Horrified woman whose ear was ripped off by a neighbor’s monkey after leaving her home


After the animal broke out and assaulted the resident outside of her home, an Oklahoma woman was hurt and the neighbor’s pet monkey was shot and killed.

After seeing the animal roaming around, Brittany Parker of Dickson, Oklahoma called the police to come to her house.

Parker told local reporters that she felt at ease stepping outside to speak with policemen after the police had come, and that’s when the attack took place.

He climbed up my back, ripped my ear in two, and then pulled out many large wads of hair. Parker told KXII, “And it was just hanging.”

Police were unable to locate the monkey since it was able to flee. Only hours later, when one of Parker’s friends arrived to lend a hand, was the animal shot.

Parker claimed that she was resting at home on Sunday when the incident occurred.

She informed the local media that she was alarmed when she saw the monkey behaving strangely on her front porch.

According to Parker, “He was jumping off of my railing and hitting my storm door.”

The storm door to the woman’s house had a handle that was occasionally broken off by the monkey.

He was pacing back, and then, according to Parker, he leaped off my balcony and crashed into my storm door.

Several minutes after the woman had contacted police for assistance, police arrived on the scene.

According to Dickson Police Chief Tim Duncan, “the monkey came running up to the officer, then kind of just stood around, just staring at the officer.”

Parker was attacked by the monkey as she was walking outside to speak with police officials.

He leaped onto my head after running up my back, yanked my hair out, and tore my ear in half like a piece of paper.

Parker was able to flee and quickly return to her house, where she attended to her torn ear.

Police said that after hurting the woman, the monkey fled and hid in a nearby wooded area.


While police and neighborhood animal control officers worked on a plan to capture the animal and keep the locals safe, EMS attended to the woman.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Micah Holmes stated that ensuring public safety is their top priority.

After the attack, the squad ultimately failed to locate the animal.

We made an effort to find and capture the primate, but we were ultimately unable, said Duncan.

Parker claimed that she called a friend for assistance after the attack.

Parker claimed that after the monkey assaulted me, it ran to Parker’s car and slapped him across the face and yanked his hair.

Parker claims that the friend killed the monkey with a gun.

Presently, officials are still perplexed by the predicament.

Duncan stated, “I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now.” “And this is my first time ever,” the speaker said.

Before being moved to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, the woman was sent to a hospital in a nearby city.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry, monkeys are not prohibited in Oklahoma.

Although Duncan stated he is giving the information to the district attorney’s office, it is unknown whether charges will be brought in this incident.

Duncan explained that the district attorney’s office would decide what to do with the case after receiving the material because the woman had suffered serious injuries.

Parker added, “I believe that there should be some sort of law that says that you need to have some kind of training as well as a certificate to even hold these type of animals.”



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