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Viewers were horrified when they saw a snake swallow a bird three times its size


Incredibly, this brown house snake kills and swallows a bird 3 times its size by constricting it and then slowly gulping it down.

Brown house snakes are among the most common snakes in Southern Africa. They are not venomous, but like pythons, they are constrictors and use this method when hunting prey. They average approximately 50 centimetres (19.6 inches) but can exceed 1 meter (39 inches). Luckily, they are harmless to humans, thus no need to fret.

39-Year-old, Environmental principal – Dustin van Helsdingen witnessed this wild moment play out, right in his back garden in Rustenburg. Dusty shares the story with

“I was outside in the garden when I heard the birds going crazy and alarm-calling at the bird feeder. When I went to investigate I noticed that a brown house snake had caught what I suspect was a sparrow and was in the process of constricting it.”


“I called my wife and son to come and see. We watched how everything unfolded over a matter of 45 minutes or so until the snake swallowed down its prey and moved off.”

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“My love for nature and photography taught me how to appreciate and respect nature.”

“A decade or so ago I would have killed the snake, but instead I learned to respect – instead of fear -snakes. It allowed me the opportunity to appreciate this experience and get close to the action. Always respect nature, enjoy and appreciate the experience without disturbing the animal.”




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