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To avenge his friend who was just eaten, a flock of birds tried to attack the python without fear


A python that had just finished a substantial meal gets attacked by a flock of aggressive starlings. The snake moved very slowly away because of its stuffed belly.

A visitor to the Kruger National Park named Pam Bruce-Brand managed to photograph the entire scenario and shared it with

“We couldn’t help but notice the stunning sight of Burchell’s Starlings and Wattled Starlings flying together in a flock that resembled dancing as we traveled along the S100 gravel road in Kruger National Park. As we watched them soar across the sky, their wings flapping in perfect unison, it was a magnificent moment.

Then, which was rare, some of the starlings started to nest in the center of the street. This piqued our interest. We initially believed they were assaulting a rock monitor, a lizard species that lives in the park. But as we looked more closely, we saw something considerably bigger.

It was a huge python, I swear! After a recent feast, it has a full belly. It was being attacked by birds, who were also squawking. Our hearts were racing as we gazed in shock at the violent sight. We were in the presence of something genuinely extraordinary.

Large constrictor snakes called African rock pythons can be found all over southern Africa. They are reported to swallow animals as large as impalas and have incredible power. There is no doubt that pythons consume birds as well. The python was fortunately already very full when these birds arrived.

The python started to move as we rushed to get our cameras ready, first slowly at first, then more quickly as it tried to avoid the persistent birds. We were in amazement at what was happening right in front of our eyes when we saw the python’s large belly and the birds swooping down on it.

“Despite our best attempts, the actual essence of the moment was not adequately captured by our cameras. We were too engrossed in the excitement of the encounter and the scene in front of us. Eventually, the snake slithered into the bushes.

A large poisonous snake, when the parent bird left the nest, came in to eat the baby bird, by the time the mother bird returned, it was too late.
The short video begins with the snake climbing up a tree, reaching out to the bird’s nest. The snake deftly pulled out a young bird, while the young struggled desperately to find a way to escape.


The snake then brought the young bird to the ground, repeatedly biting its neck until it died. After that, the mother bird returned to the nest, panicking to find the baby bird.

It discovered that its child was being eaten by a poisonous snake and immediately launched a counter attack.

The snake almost swallowed the baby bird, although the mother bird was very brave when she risked her life to attack the predator, hoping to get the baby back.

Unlike the python, the snake did not vomit the spoils, but managed to escape with the prey in its stomach. It is unclear if the mother bird will be able to avenge her chicks, as the video also closes shortly after.

Birds often prevail in encounters with snakes. But it can also lose its life to venomous snakes, because a single hit from the snake can paralyze the bird.

The battle of the lord of the sky and the most poisonous reptile on the ground, inside Kruger National Park, South Africa was accidentally captured by photographers.

According to Latestsightings, Graeme Mitchley, a Hurlyvale primary school teacher, captured the incredible scene of an eagle and a brown snake fighting while he was visiting Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Graeme Mitchley said: “I love visiting Kruger National Park and am fortunate to visit quite often. Every day is different in the park, you never know what’s going on around. This time, it’s me. was lucky enough to come across this sight on our way back to Lower Sabie, H10.”

Graeme Mitchley said, H10 is his favorite trail in the park because besides the beautiful scenery and scenery, there are always a lot of wildlife wandering here.

Before seeing the eagle-snake fight, Graeme Mitchley saw herds of zebras and large wildebeest descending into a nearby waterhole.

At this time, the eagle sees its prey from above. It quickly dived and grabbed the brown snake crawling on the ground, not letting the snake escape.

The snake only managed to wrap itself around the eagle’s legs and restrict its movement, but then the brown snake was unable to escape death. The snake eagle’s feet and toes are covered in thick scales that protect it from tooth marks caused by snake bites.


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