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The lion cub was hit in the face by that python because he arrogantly roared to threaten it


Seeing the python lying on the sand, the lion cub approached to explore. However, when he just let out a loud roar, this lion was hit in the face by the opponent.

Surprised by the attack, the lion panicked and immediately ran away. Perhaps this is a life lesson for the lion cub when he first started hunting.

The python in the clip is said to be a rock python, this is one of the largest python species in the world, scientific name is Rock Python with a size of more than 6m when mature and can still grow further.


The body of this python is usually brown, olive, gray and gray-white. They usually live in grasslands, areas near water or near forests.

It can kill prey many times larger, so it is considered the strongest python species in Africa. These pythons are extremely aggressive, ready to attack anything that moves in front of their eyes.


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