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50 hyenas risked its life to hunt the fat prey impala in the strong jaw of the giant python.


The hyena is considered one of the most greedy carnivores on land, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeest, wild buffalo, in addition to the ability to run fast also allows the Cranes chase even birds at close range.

However, hyenas rarely hunt by themselves, but mainly follow other predators such as lions, leopards… and steal their food. Because the hyena’s body is not perfect for hunting like a lion or leopard, it is very difficult for them to control or kill their prey, forcing them to rely on other species for food.

The scene was captured by tourists when a hunting hyena caught a giant python gripping an impala.

Realizing that the opportunity has come, Hyena approaches these 2 animals and tries to steal the prey from the python.


Hyena used her lustful teeth to bite the impala’s head hard, trying to pull the prey out of the python but failed.

Unable to figure out how to steal prey from pythons, hyena drags both of these animals to a more convenient location for action.

So dizzy from being dragged by hyena for a long time, the python had to let go of its prey and run away.

Hyena was too surprised by this action of the python, but because it had achieved its purpose, it did not react.

In the end, the python had to escape to the tree to find another prey, hyena got a hearty free meal.


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