The lion was sleeping with a beautiful dream with his mate when the hyena came and attacked, making it unable to keep up


This impressive moment was captured by a tourist named Armand Barnard during a visit to the Kruger nature reserve, South Africa.

In the clip, a lion is being chased by four hyenas and biting its hind legs. Then they surrounded the lion to prevent the animal from escaping.

Perhaps due to her age and weakness, the lioness was no longer able to defend herself. At this point, the lion did not attack back and seemed to be accepting defeat. It only growls and groans in pain as the hyenas rush in to bite it.

The animal then managed to run away into a roadside bush but was still chased by the hyenas. Unfortunately, Barnard was not able to observe what happened next, so the end of the old lion is unknown.

Barnard said the next morning, he and his wife saw three lions appear on the same road and one of the three lions was limping because of an injury to his hind leg. Barnard wasn’t sure if this was the same lion he had seen the day before, but if it escaped the hyenas’ pursuit, it would be a miracle.


Lions and hyenas are known to be two higher predators in nature. Also because of the war for food to survive, lions and hyenas became arch-rivals.

The feud between lions and hyenas stems from a simple reason, a dispute over food sources. Specifically, hyenas are species that often eat other people’s leftovers, not only that, they also form groups that specialize in stealing prey from predators.

In Africa, hyenas are second only to lions (when they encounter each other alone) in strength. Sometimes hyenas even “bully” lions, when they are overwhelming in numbers.



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