Sudden ambush, the zebra sped up, launching a fatal kick, leaving the hungry lions helpless to watch.


The Lion is one of the most formidable predators in the wild. They both possess health, speed and effective hunting tactics instead of just rushing towards their prey.

Lions often observe their prey from afar, hide to approach and only rush out when they are at a favorable distance. In the video, the lioness ambushes the zebra. The horse tries to run away but is quickly overtaken by the predator. In a panic, the horse threw its hooves, kicking backwards to attack the lion.

Although the predator did not receive a painful blow, he also missed the beat, losing the opportunity to knock the horse down. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the zebra gained momentum and galloped, letting the lion inhale the dust.


Thought to have escaped death, the horse couldn’t believe that the other lions were lurking in the grass, waiting for an opportunity to attack. However, the horse was running too fast for the lions, there was no way to stop it. In the end, the lions had to suffer from hunger because they encountered difficult prey.


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