“The Ultimate Hunger Games: The Lion’s Near-Death Experience in a 10-Hour Battle for Food”


Kudu is an extremely large and distinctive herbivore with a spiral-shaped horn. Their habitats include shrubland, rocky hillsides, and dry river beds.

The kudus usually live singly or gather in small flocks. Therefore, they are easy to become prey of other animals.

Male Kudus often have fierce battles for a higher position in the herd or to defend its territory. But it is wars like that that make it easy for them to die at the hands of other predators.

The two kudus below are fighting for majesty and proving to be powerful adult males unaware of the impending danger.


A lion was nearby and quickly grabbed an unlucky Kudu. Kudu was quickly captured and unable to escape, it tried to use its horns to attack the lion.

The lion also cannot finish the prey because it is too strong and the fight lasts for many hours. After inflicting countless wounds on the kudu, the lion has a chance to bite the kudu’s neck and end the fight.


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