“A Mother’s Sacrifice: Buffalo’s Heroic Effort to Save Her Baby from a Leopard”


The African buffalo is one of the largest and most widespread herbivores in Africa. They live in swamps and wetlands, as well as mopane or jungle grasslands in the major mountain regions of Africa.

One of the five great game species in Africa, the African buffalo is well known among large game hunters as a very dangerous animal, with injured individuals reporting being able to ambush and attack hunters chase.

A young buffalo that was born quite weak, unable to move was near its mother, it became the target of a leopard, hiding in the tall grass not far away.

The mother buffalo was distracted by another leopard, it moved away from the position of the young buffalo and created an opportunity for the previously hidden leopard to attack the weak young buffalo.


The weak young buffalo could not resist the strength of the leopard and was attacked by it; When the mother buffalo and her herd discovered it, she rushed to attack the leopard to save her baby.

The leopard was scared by the attack of the large buffalo herd, but it did not give up, tried to pull the young buffalo along and ran up to a tall tree.

The buffalo herd could not timely save the baby buffalo from death, the leopard with perseverance and cunning pulled his food up the tree safely before the sharp horns of the wild buffalo herd.


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