“Survival Instincts Tested: Elephant’s Fight for Life Against a Deceptive Foe”


A female lion is walking in the dense forest looking for prey. It discovered an elephant wandering alone looking for food like him. The lion came up with the idea of hunting elephants. Without thinking much, it quickly approached the elephant and attacked immediately.

The elephant saw the lion’s appearance and quickly took a defensive stance. Ready for battle. The lion jumped up and scratched the elephant with its claws. It used its fangs used to tear flesh to try to bite into the elephant’s body.

The elephant did not give up, he used his trunk to hit the lion’s back, trying to force the lion away. But the hungry lion refused to give up, he stubbornly hunted the elephant to the end.


It used all its strength to bite the elephant’s body to cause the elephant to lose balance and fall. But it seems the lion is too small to be able to do it alone. In the end, the elephant’s resilience won. It used its trunk to knock down the lion. Use deadly steps to scare the lion, causing it to run away immediately.


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