“Hedgehog’s Triumph: Escaping the Jaws of Death in a Deadly Encounter”


Hedgehog is a small animal that possesses thousands of sharp spikes around its body and it is a powerful weapon for them to defend themselves. Predators will have to struggle with the armor of spikes on the outside of the hedgehog.

The truth in the wild is that the hedgehog is rarely defeated by its solid defenses. The spikes will cause itching and pain for reckless predators.

Lions and leopards are two animals that often want to try their hand at hedgehogs and unexpected results happen.


The lions often do not dare to attack the hedgehog and are afraid of the hedgehog’s spikes, they often follow the hedgehog and wait for an opportunity to attack.

The leopards attack constantly and always find a way to take down the hedgehog, there are a few cases of successful leopard swallow but it also receives a painful end soon after.

Here are the moments when hedgehogs turn predators into laughter.


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